I’m listing help I’ve found along the way that profoundly changed my life.

Network Chiropractic - Simply put, this is chiropractic via quantum physics and metaphysics. Transformational! Deals with your innate intelligence. For more, read
The 12 Stages of Healing – by Donald Epstein – founder & developer of Network.

Integrative Manual Therapy - This hands-on technique it is distinctly different from massage or classic physical therapy. Gentle pressures, extensions and rotations are systematically applied to release blockages and other dysfunction.

Color Therapy – Dinshah Color Therapy combines color and corresponding sound to create powerful results.

Flower Essences - Bach Flower Remedies and others have a dramatic effect.

Total Body Modification - TBM practitioner stimulates the spine prompting the brain neurons to repolarize and regain control of the body, guiding it back to health.

Holographic Repatterning – Exactly what it sounds like. This simple 6- step process transforms life-depleting choices, repatterns limiting beliefs, unconscious patterns and survival responses that keep you in limitation.



Quantum Medical Consciousness Interface System- QXCI – multilevel clearing - computer based with electrodes or transmitted long distance. Bio feeds your body what it asks for: Rife, color, music, tri-vector therapy, scalar, photon, homeopathic, phobia control, sub space miasms etc. More effective when you’re hooked up to electrodes.

Jin Shin Jyutsu or Jin Shin – Originated thousands of years ago in China and rediscovered by Master Jiro Murai of Japan. It is a highly developed form of acupressure based on the same energy principles upon which acupuncture is based. It involves checking pulses and releasing stuck energy by holding specific safety energy locks. Can be self administered as well.

Reflexology, Crystal Healing, Rolfing, Cranio Sacral, Ortho-Bionomy, Myofacial, Mariel, Ollitsac and other healing bodywork, and of course massage: (Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu etc.) Good things work together! New healing therapies are flowering daily. Take advantage of these gifts.

About the Tomatis Method
Dr. Tomatis views the ear as not merely an instrument for healing and maintaining balance, but as a generator which uses sound's vibrational energy to charge the entire organism via bone, viscera and neural impulses - in particular stimulating cortical energy and brain activity, so providing the motivation for speech, communication and learning.
Because the tiny sensory hairs in the inner ear are far more dense in the area which responds to high frequency than in that reserved for the low range, Tomatis claims there can be little mystery as to which sounds possess the greater energizing properties- or why. "It is well known that the auditory apparatus acts as a charging or energizing dynamo. It furnishes the current to feed the brain." He uses a combination of Mozart's music and Gregorian chants since he claims that their rich harmonic structure and predominant high-frequency range possess unique generating powers. The feeling of improved well-being and greater energy from the music is that all the vital organs and processes are influenced by the ear. They tie in with the 10th cranial nerve, which links the ear to every other organ in the body.