From Sedona, Arizona:

Channeled by Eleanor Bucci, Spiritual Consultant for Jane Joy Foundation 12/9/91:
“Ear coning can be understood as an ancient healing modality - Atlantean, Mayan, Egyptian, Tibetan - which has, as many other healing practices, periodically spent time in "hiding". It was originally used in conjunction with initiation practices for spiritual leaders in order to strengthen their positions as bearers of great truths and as beacons of light in the darkness.

Ear coning was used to open the spiritual centers and to clear and cleanse the physical as well as emotional and other auric bodies. It was used in conjunction with other healing practices and assumed a co-creative position with these practices. Traditionally, conings were performed by master energetic healers who worked on the physical as well as intermediate planes.

Conings were performed in the temples and usually occurred in a series of three, spaced strategically apart. The number of conings performed was individualized and depended upon either the amount of clearing which was necessary, and/or the spiritual appetite of each person. Although seven conings were average, at times, as many as eleven conings were performed. Nine and eleven conings were considered to be aligned with the master numbers in numerology. Receiving nine or eleven conings symbolized achieving human perfection toward universal service.

Ear conings worked upon the physical body by detoxifying the sinus, Iymphatic and other systems. Among other things, they provided clarity of hearing and vision, improvement in the sense of smell, taste and color perception as well as emotional stability and sharper mental functioning.


In addition to working upon the physical body, coning worked directly with the chakra system to clear and strengthen the auric bodies as well. Traditionally, the first seven conings worked to clear and strengthen the physical body and the first seven layers of the auric field. Each coning would always affect the physical body and then affect whichever auric layer needed most to be cleared at that moment.

For example, the first coning affected the physical body and either the first auric layer (etheric body) or the second auric layer (the emotional body) or the third auric layer (the mental body-thought forms) or the fourth auric layer (the astral body) or the fifth auric layer (the etheric template- associated with sound healing) or the sixth auric layer (the emotional level of the spiritual plane) or the seventh auric layer (the mental level of the spiritual plane past life band and present life plan).

In Egypt, however, at various times, auric bodies were intercepted and provoked to release blocked energy in a sequence. For example, the first coning affected the physical body and the first auric layer, the second coning affected the physical body and the second auric layer and so on through the first seven conings. The eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh conings were performed in order to clear and strengthen the physical body and those bodies in the cosmic plane of existence- those crystalline bodies composed of extremely fine, high vibrations.

These conings were thought to totally purify the physical body and to fine- tune the auric field in order to allow one to resonate in the purist form in preparation for supreme service. It must be realized that coning was done simultaneously and coordinated with advanced healing practices using color, crystal, sound, and other soon to be revealed methods, to correct the obstructed natural flow of energy, balance the system, realign the spinal structure and cleanse the body. These healing processes ritualistically purified individuals, allowing them to resonate to the highest vibrational frequencies. Realize, also, that upon your earth plane at this time, the number of conings required by individuals will be directly related to any other healing processes to which they are simultaneously exposed.

We thank you for requesting our explanation of ear coning. We are most pleased to assist in bringing this to an understanding, as now truly is the time for this, as well as other healing practices, to be more fully understood. Blessings to you."

Channeled by Ishta Whitecloud - Sedona, Arizona - January 1992:
"Spiral leading into the etheric realm... there are apparently etheric beings whose specific job is to oversee coning work (word ear is not appropriate)... oversee the turning of direction. They're like devas of that realm. And so, when someone has an earache or ear trouble that we come across, we need to call on these devas and let them assist in giving us information about what the best thing to do is, to see what is appropriate. Because it is not always just a coning that may be appropriate.

There may be hand movements (some words are inappropriate to their thought patterns), or maybe massage or holding the hand over the ear. They don't call it ear. A person who has this problem has a loss of his sense of direction and it is some place in the turning of direction that they lose perspective of their direction. These etheric beings are in charge of keeping that turning on track. However, if they're having trouble with their density of vibration, that turning can be off. They have a sense of feeling sick or nauseous or earaches or sinus problems. So that to assist people on a whole level, it isn't just about coning the ears. It's about assisting them in the turning of direction, about aligning that person and assisting them in making that shift.

Remember the whole person, and so, when coning, ask for their assistance because they can help. This is their job. Move your hands over the whole body. Ask for their assistance in creating a direction for this person, balance the direction, smoothing out the direction in their change. Change, change is the magic word. Assisting them in their change.

The word coning is inappropriate for us to use. Let's see what they suggest. There really is no word in our language that is appropriate because it is a matter of tone that they work with. So to call it even a name in a sense to try to describe it suggests a certain procedure that is only related to the ears. We could use a phrase like ... assisting in change of direction, assisting in movement, assisting in hearing sound, assisting in opening the crown chakra. The tone of our language is so difficult on hearing. Sometimes, we use words and phrases over and over and over again and the tone is inappropriate to the thing that we are trying to do. When you hear a sound, the spiral of the ear carries that sound in a spiral through the whole body in a spiral way. So, when we're doing this work on someone, we need to visualize that spiral of smoke or just etheric spiral going through the whole body and lifting the direction of that person, balancing the direction, shaping the direction… So that when a person leaves us, they have a sense of balance and direction.

I'm going back now through the files of different cultures to see what was going on in the past ... The Egyptians used the procedure inappropriately. It was used more as an elite object of power. To assist in raising power more than for any other purpose. The Tibetans used a cone but they didn't burn it. It was a small metallic cone that was placed near the ear, but not in the ear, to a certain alignment with a line that corresponded to the body but also corresponded to something cosmic. It was a metal cone and they used sound near the cone to penetrate the metal that also went out and in at the same time. For them, it was a connection to the cosmos bringing a balance of both coming into the body and reaching out at the same time. Only certain people had the strength to be able to have this done. Because the sound that was carried through the whole body and the connection with the cosmos at the same time, the vibrational hit was very intense and would bring them into the next level of their being ... Iike that (snap fingers)!

There's a tribe of Indians in Florida that used something similar. A stick that they'd light on fire and place within the ear and then chanting would be done . . . accompanied with sound, intense sound, at the same time. Its purpose was shamanic. This person was going through an initiation for doing shamanic work. This was a very intense experience for that person and could kill them if they were not ready for the experience, the same with the Tibetan. Because the sound shifted the vibration of the person so dramatically and the sound going into the ears at the same time was penetrating the brain and opening the crown chakra. It could drive them crazy if they weren't ready for it.

There's an African tribe, west coast about the middle... they would pack the ears with mud to block out sound so that the person hears no sound for long periods of time so- they could go inward. Again, a turning in direction, an initiation of some kind into the healing arts, the shaman. So the message is that the whole purpose is a change of direction for each person who comes. They're being initiated into the next spiral. That's why it's important that they be ready for that change.

And it's important that the people doing this work be selected. Anyone who is doing this work, that is, not working with them or aware of them, could be doing harm because they may be working on people and they are not ready and they could pull the person's vibration down to a space that will lock them into a space that would be hard to get out of. In tribal circles, shall we say, this was an entire ceremony that was performed around this one person, if it was one, at a time and it was taken very seriously. Because, if one of their tribe, or group or clan, could get initiated into the next realm, the rest of them would automatically follow. If one of them could shift direction. . . It took a lot of courage to be that person.

Channeled by Nicole Falconer at a Coning workshop - winter 1992 Sedona, Arizona:
"I went to Lemuria and I saw a circular room made out of very interesting kind of stones. The top of the ceiling was a round opening, in which was an enormous faceted gem... the typical diamond shape. It was placed inverted, the widest plate down, the pointed axis up (at the top). Sometimes they put a sphere of crystal to focus, like when you create a lens to focus the sunlight to create a burn. Well, similarly there was an orbit atop the apex of this inverted gem and it would funnel light down through the gem.

The gem would illuminate the room and each facet of the gem. I looked at it and I could tell why they cut stones in that shape exactly because each of those side facets served a purpose in that healing room and that was the shape of the healing stone. The whole room itself was a circular room and in the center was a cut out piece in which round stones had been placed in a bed of oils (really like ball bearings).

Then there was this solid stone slab with a table rising up out of it that was set down onto these stones so that the whole thing turned. The person who was getting the healing was lying on the stone slab but it wasn't cold, it was like synthetic rock. There were orifices in the side of the room that humidifiers were hooked up to and scents could be put through, also vents going out.

The aroma wasn't too heavy, though. There were also lenses. They were using color lenses over the eyes so that when the person looked up at this faceted gem, all of the facets of this gem changed to different hues of that color. They orchestrated those colors as part of the healing. Most of the people I saw were in white flowing robes, Grecian robes, the simple belt, simple ties at the shoulders.

The priestesses all had golden bands on the forehead with a square and a pyramid inter-linked. They had sandals that looked like some belt buckles that just hooked. They didn't have clasps like we know, they were just hooks. I also saw double helix clay cones. Those were very special. The clay that they used to manufacture was made on the molds but were also very porous. Those were reserved for special kind of coning.

They were sucking on cotton like fruit dipped in plant teas or decoctions and placed in the cheeks to suck on to flesh the Eustachian tubes. There was also nose coning with a moisture cone. It was very much more porous. It was used with steam, smoke and scent combination with a web-like material (kind of a loofa), made out of a plant material but finer grain, finer webbing impregnated with different scents, steam, smoke combination so that you could clean out your sinuses (frontal).

I kept seeing central birthing room, rebirthing room. There were people playing harps. There were singing bowls that people were striking and making tones (some were filled with fluids, different kinds of fluids). They were placed on the body, the chakra areas, and they were struck by somebody else. There were a whole bunch of people working on one person. There were also people sitting in the room working, doing other things. Some were playing music. Some were tapping tools on the body. Some struck the tones next to the ears on the body. They used this along with healing stones.

When I got back a bit I could see formations on the body of different kinds of stones. They prepared the person who was coming in for the healing by giving them specific kinds of massage that would plug them into cellular memory. Interestingly enough, I got a woman in the corner not doing anything. She was a special type of high priestess who was sitting off in the corner scrying in a bowl. It was a golden bowl, a very large one and she was giving that person a reading.

She was saying 'Here's all the cellular memory, traumas that have been associated with those things in your ear, in your body, in past lives'. She was just rattling this stuff off. All the music and tones were being struck in relation to the degrees of healing going on. It's amazing, all these people working together. There's a dynamic timing and space for a person to process. I also got colored fabrics, colored tissues (out of different plant materials.) They were also using skulls; they were doing absentee clearing.”