I'm Irene. I’ve been making ear cones for many years. It started with a coning by a wonderful woman, Jane Joy, grandma extraordinaire. We met at a meditation.

Jane mentioned she did ear coning. We had no idea what it was exactly but we wanted it done. We’d seen a flyer for coning but that was it.

photo copyright © 2004 Cozy McFee

She came over to cone my family of five. A few weeks later we asked her to do a repeat performance because we didn’t feel complete. She noted everyone in town was also feeling one coning was not enough.

When we called for #3, Jane said she had no time to be at our house the whole day, why not cone them myself? She was busy coning the rest of Sedona. I did cone my gang and the rest, as they say, is history. Three conings did the trick for that round. Jane taught me to how make cones in her kitchen as she taught dozens before and after me.

She opened a new universe of experience for me and I will forever be grateful to her. She shifted my path in the right direction, you can’t do better than that.

I was working at a motel and had my beginning adventures with coning. I experienced it as metaphysical powerful clearing work. When I spoke to my fellow workers about it they heard “earache”, “congestion”, “sinus”. I felt that maybe you share it with some people one way and to the metaphysical crowd another way. I was torn.


My hearing diminished dramatically. The great ear coner was going deaf. Fortunately Jane and her mentor / buddy, Sunni Ray from Atlanta, were presenting a workshop limited to ten. I was one of the ten in that winter of 1992 workshop. The program consisted of instruction, meditation (for retrieving coning info), and the making of ear cones, (boiling wax and all). I already made cones. My goal was to get to the bottom of the hearing loss mystery. The meditation was very fascinating…soft music was playing. I got one image of a heavy steel lid over my crown with a tiny pyramid. That was it! I was recording (audio) the event for myself so I could transcribe it later (and so I could hear what I missed). Anyone who wanted to share what they had retrieved in meditation spoke their piece. Nicole Falconer had an especially beautiful journey, which I included in my booklet. My hearing still had not improved.

As I was transcribing the tape, during Nicole’s meditation recall, a stabbing pain in my ear would not go away. I rolled the tape backward and forward but the pain only happened when Nicole was talking. I knew the pain was related to coning.

Shirley, a friend of mine who did Mariel healing, did two sessions with me finally clearing everything. Mariel is light trance work. The first session…nothing. In the second session I was in an obvious Mayan setting, flat pyramid and all. I was a middle-aged woman, the ear coner in my village. The villagers were upset with me for taking coning to metaphysical levels. Fast forward to my death. It was a dry region with huge boulders. The villagers were there to put me to death. Huge rocks were smashed on my abdomen and legs, smashed flat. I was unafraid. I had no place left to go with my work. I had nothing more to do there. There was no pain, just intense pressure. The revelation for me was that there are no victims. We created my death.

They were answering my call for an exit. I couldn’t move. Shirley had to release the pressure as I was easing out of the session. Moments later I realized that my work was to present coning in the way I understood it, from the metaphysical. With that flash, my hearing snapped back to normal. As above, so below became quite literal. My fear of being strange melted away. All “they” could do was kill me for being myself. I’d just been killed and it wasn’t such a big deal. Coning for me was mainly about shifting direction. However the person experienced it on the physical, I knew that soul was in touch with the most important aspect. I’ve always loved cleaning and now I got to do it big time.

One of the maids was an older lady. She was terminally cranky. Every day was a trial. She hated the job and threatened to quit on a daily basis. She’d worked there for years. She listened to my tales but said nothing. After endless weeks of griping she asked me to cone her. I was curious to see how it would affect her disposition. I never got the pleasure because she never came in the next morning or any other morning...she quit. I took it as a triumph since she’d wanted to quit for years. I figure she tapped into one of her Mayan guides who nudged her in the right direction. Small, but significant to me.

I decided that the whole planet needed this lost art. My original plan was to do everybody so I charged $11. Anyone could afford it. Pretty soon my days were filled coning people and making cones. This provided the perfect setting to experiment with what worked best. I was taught to make mostly paraffin cones 10 inches and very small ends. I was now making them longer with a wider small end.
I found my happy medium, I made them a little longer to get more mileage - 14 to 15 inches works well. The holes are medium. The 100% beeswax, essential oils, extracts and essences I use are the best I can find. The candles burn steady and pour smoke well.
A friend of mine, who I taught cone making, started her own business and between the two of us we made lots of changes. We became efficiency and safety experts. Then she introduced the “helper” concept, which was a life-saver. Allowing another to do “my” work was difficult for me. The angels were not for hire, so who could possibly take my place? I found not only can I be replaced, I can be surpassed. My helpers work happily in their own time at home. This is a cottage industry with a few lovely worker bees turning out these lovely cones so I can take care of all the other duties.