Herbs and Essential Oils:

Winter Sun
Flagstaff, Arizona
For Mullein Flower oil and great herbals.

Flower Essences
Flower Essence Society
Nevada City, California
800-763-9222 or 530-265-9163

Self Help:


The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Reflexology by Frankie Avalon Wolfe Ph.D.
Illustrated, easy to follow and funny. Self help when you have nothing but hands as tools.



Dr. Nick Begich
Anchorage, Alaska
This catalogue offers books, new technologies to enhance learning, creativity, & health.
The Earthpulse Soundwave is a device that projects sound through the body to be understood by the brain- bypassing normal hearing channels (the ears). (So, a deaf person can hear music) Also available is Sonic Bloom- for plant growth through sound & foliar plant food.

Ear Candling Certification:
Windsong School Of Healing
Pauline Wolf, O.M.T.
Campbell River, B.C. Canada


American Botanical Pharmacy
Marina Del Rey, California
Dr. Richard Schulze is a passionate natural healing evangelist. Creator of Superfood and lots of life saving herbal formulas with truly organic ingredients. Over 3 decades in service of healing and hasn’t lost his sense of humor. Now you can buy the formulas that he used to help his patients and get lots of good health education from his newsletters & books that come free with product.

Amazon Herb Company
Rainforest Bio Energetics
Jupiter, Florida
Wonderful herbal preparations from the Amazon, ecologically harvested by the natives who get a portion of the money from every bottle sold. They use the spagyric method of extraction based on ancient bio-energetic principles. Parcelsus was perhaps the most noted practitioner of this methodology in the 15th century. This is one good way to save the rainforests. Nutrient rich soil makes nutrient rich plants. The natives maintain a 4000 acre natural rainforest reserve.

Brown Bag Tea Company
Superior Pau D'Arco tea.

Age In Reverse
Newport Beach, California
The Einstein model is my favorite. This is a foam slant board, which you can put into various configurations. The Einstein model can slant and have the thigh at 90 degrees and knee to ankle is raised above the rest of the slant board, so your back stays super flat. Here’s what they say: heightens circulation, boosts energy, extends posture, decompresses your spine, elevates your legs and feet, shapes up your organs, expands your lungs, raises your shoulders, stretches your neck, uplifts your face, perks up vitality, lowers stress, overturns depression. 20 minutes on the slant has the rest quotient of a night’s sleep. It gets the blood to my brain and relaxes my back. I love it!

Sedona, Arizona
My favorite relaxing music is Alexander’s. I don’t do a coning without it. It’s soothing, it’s melodic and it has rhythm. It’s perfect for bodywork, meditation, for winding down.
The first album was made especially for coning because nothing sounded quite right.
I just talked to an air traffic controller who plays it between shifts in the break room to decompress. The albums have been used on several Yoga & Tai Chi videos, hypnosis therapy and a movie. You can listen and order the albums directly on his web site or on www.amazon.com and cdbaby.com
New Visions in Sedona
Dreams of Sedona
A Space Serene
Tour Of The Galaxies - all by Alexander


My Favorite Channel
Abraham- Esther and Jerry Hicks channel The Science of Deliberate Creation.

The latest: “It’s time to stop fixing and start savoring!” We get the monthly CD.
3 “Sara” books so far. Great reading for kids & adults. Funny and profound.
Abraham- Hicks
San Antonio, Texas


Encinitas, California
Ayurvedic Astological Jewelry- My source for my Navaratna,(9 gemstone bangle) and Coral necklace. Superb quality! Free gem analysis. (Vedic prescription per natal chart)

Heaven & Earth
Robert Simmons
East Montpelier, Vermont
800-942-9423 or 802-476-4775
Best source for Moldavite, Phenacite, Azeztulite, Danburite, Ajoite, and all the highest energy stones on and off planet. Moldavite is a gem quality meteorite- a transformational powerhouse! For more on Moldavite see H&E web site for the book “Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation” by Robert Simmons and Kathy Warner.

Personal Crystal Notes:
I love crystals… now. I’ve never been a jewelry person. I was drawn to crystals from a different direction. I was at a Whole Life Expo in NYC and was magnetically attracted to Moldavite at the Heaven & Earth display. When I held it, a sense of peace reigned. When I put it down, I was under siege again. That was the beginning of my gemstone journey.
Months later, when I finally got my Moldavite piece to wear, I had a dream that very night. It was one of those dreams you remember for the rest of your days. I woke up several times during the night, sat bolt upright with a big “wow” and back to my dream. I was in a large cave, as in Ali Baba, full of gems & gold as far as the eye could see. The gems were welcoming me, communicating telepathically, all together at the same time. “Finally, you’re here, we missed you, wow, you’re here!” I was taking them all in, savoring them, listening to what they‘d been bursting to tell me, all night long. It was pure joy, a joyous reunion with my kind. This was the first dream I can remember being in blazing color.

Crystal knowledge goes back thousands of years.

From India- excerpted from “Astrological Healing Gems” by Shivaji Bhattacharjee:
“The electrical charge of body chemistry, the electromagnetic radiation of the nervous system which links mind and body, and the cosmic radiation received from space all cooperate in influencing us, our behavior and our environment. The effect of subtle radiation is all-pervading and fundamental to our lives. Even such distant phenomena as the Moon’s phases and sunspots have been scientifically shown to strongly affect us.

Gemstones are also closely connected with energy radiation. Every gemstone has its respective refractive index, critical angle and polarized axis that influences the light energy it receives. Light, of course is a very subtle and powerful form of radiation, so the gemstone acts as a transmitter and transformer of energy radiation.

If the subtle structure of a human being is not well-aligned or, in astrological parlance, is inharmonious with reference to the angular position of the planets at birth, the subtle cosmic forces that radiate into the person may not match with his energy. Due to such defective matching, the incoming cosmic forces will cause imbalance within the biological structure, bringing disease.

According to Jyotish, the most astonishing aspect of gemstones is that they absorb and transform cosmic energies, reinforcing the electrical impulses of the human body and creating a strong force field around it to draw in the cosmic radiation, the elixir of life, in the right proportion.

Moreover, being crystalline structures themselves, gemstones have powerful vibratory signatures of their own, which they are continually emitting. The crystalline structure of these objects makes them function quite differently than other forms of matter.

Radio technology employed crystals as the fundamental constituents of its transmitting and receiving mechanism. Computer technology is similarly dependent on this orderly internal micro-structure.
According to Jyotish, the crystalline structure and special vibratory signature of gemstones is capable of modifying even the powerful subtle cosmic forces. By keeping the proper gemstone in touch with the body, profound and significant changes can take place over time.

It should not be surprising, then, that gemstones have an application in affecting the cosmic forces that shape human destiny. The science of Vedic astrology reads the events of human destiny and adds subtle strength through the help of appropriate gemstones, along with other remedial measures such as herbs, mantras and rituals, which can skillfully readjust the biological structure in a beneficial manner. In this way the deficiencies of the human psychophysical structure can be compensated for.

This is where the use of gemstones comes into play in astrology. By examining the natal or progressed chart, one can determine which cosmic forces may be out of balance and which may need strengthening. If one then knows which gemstone corresponds to which force, destiny can be altered to some degree. As such, gemstones are used in astrology as remedial measures for the cure of disease, and as means to ward off misfortune in all areas of life.”

*This is one of my favorite books- 125 power packed pages.

Nicola Tesla- 1900
“In a crystal we have the clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being”

*Cone Holder- stainless steel holder & bowl set -adjustable- if you can use one